What we do

Advise on political risk

We advise clients on what political events mean, the dynamics behind them, the variables that govern them, and their impact and ramifications.

Macro Strategy

We advise clients on market entry strategy, helping them to identify key stakeholders, competitors, and powerbrokers in a range of industries.

Security assessment

Some of our clients operate in conflict zones. We help keep them up to date on what is unfolding, the key developments, and 'hot' zones.

Due Diligence

We help clients ensure that whoever they are dealing with, they are always equipped with the necessary information to ensure they make informed decisions throughout the process of identifying (and negotiating with) credible partners.


We keep our clients up to date with the events and developments that matter. Clients can request daily, weekly, or monthly briefings depending on their preference.

Speaking engagements

Our experts are regularly invited to commentate on events on media outlets, in boardroom meetings, and events and conferences.

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Why consult with us?

With geopolitics continuing to fuel volatility and instability in the markets, it has never been more important to keep informed of the fluctuating variables and dynamics that can shift and change at a moment's notice. This is why our specialist team is retained by blue-chip companies, NGOs, and government institutions in providing vital information, expert analysis, and a range of solutions to help you make informed decisions regarding your operations, and thereby help you to navigate the impact of geopolitics.

Some of our work

We presented a breakdown of the regional dynamics of the Gulf at Deloitte Tohmatsu's 'Voice of Asia 2018' Forum in Tokyo for a host of Japanese companies exploring business opportunities.

We advised a blue-chip company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Bahrain's political and economic climate amidst increasing geopolitical volatility.

We advised a multi-national shipping enterprise on the security risks of the ongoing conflict in Yemen, and tensions in Libya, on shipping routes.

We advised a listed company on the Hong Kong stock exchange on the tensions in the Gulf between Iran and its neighbours, and its implications for energy security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need you?

Put simply, to make sense of what is going on so that you are better informed in the decisions you take to adapt, insulate, and expand your operations accordingly. We make sure you know understand what is happening around you, and what it means for you specifically and your organisation's operations. After working with us, the 'noise' and confusion around you disappears, and is replaced by clarity.

What regions do you cover?

  • The Gulf
  • North Africa
  • The Levant
  • Turkey
  • West Africa
  • East Asia

How much will it cost me?

A stand-alone one-hour briefing is USD 300. This is when you are looking for a one-off breakdown of a particular event that has taken place and you are seeking a summary of the dynamics, variables, implications, and significance in the context of the bigger picture. These briefings can be booked at any time at your convenience.

For other services (subscription briefings, reports, in-house presentations), prices will vary. Get in touch with our team at contact@intlinterest.com and find out more.

Who have you advised before?

Listed companies (from a whole range of industries including oil, gas, logistics, consumer goods), financial institutions, NGOs, government institutions, ministries, embassies, across the world.