As Britons leave Tunisia, where does the Mediterranean state go from here?

IIPodcast Middle East/North Africa, Tunisia


The International Interest interviews Fadil Aliriza, Visiting Fellow at the Legatum Institute.

Fadil discusses the potential causes behind the rise of extremism in Tunisia, the effects of the Libyan civil war on Tunisian society, as well as the consequences for Tunisia following the Sousse attacks which claimed the lives of 38 tourists.

Length: 10 minutes 33 seconds

Fadil Aliriza is a Visiting Senior Fellow (2015) for the Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum. Fadil is an accomplished journalist and analyst with a special focus on Tunisia and Libya. His work regularly appears in Democracy Lab, the Legatum Institute’s online partnership with Foreign Policy magazine. In addition, he has contributed to NPR, BBC, The Atlantic Council and The Independent. Previously, Fadil served as Editor of Foreign News at theHürriyet Daily News in Istanbul, Turkey, where he was based.