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The International Interest is a current affairs magazine, drawing on the knowledge of well-placed sources to provide deep insight into the impact of geopolitical dynamics on society, economy, and business. With contributors heavily involved in policy-making at the highest level, the International Interest has become a key asset in maintaining vigilance in an increasingly volatile world. Get in touch, whether it is for an in-house presentation breaking down the complex dynamics of Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or any other country of interest, whether it is to request one of your writers for an interview or panel, or just to tell us ways in which we can make it easier for you to understand the difficult times we live in today. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

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Sami Hamdi is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Interest. An experienced geopolitical risk consultant, Sami assists blue-chip clients around the world in monitoring and advising on highly volatile business environments.

Sami has extensive experience in the MENA region having been a television reporter and talk-show host for over 10 years. He has reported on key events in the region including the Arab Spring, the fall of Morsi in Egypt, the Houthi crisis in Yemen, as well as the battle of influences between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In his freetime, Sami is a passionate and stubborn Arsenal fan, and loves travelling. Perhaps a bit too much…