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More on the conflict in the Middle East

January 9, 2023 | by Coffee Brief

Sisi’s media launch scathing attack on Shaarawy’s legacy What happened?

Al-Sharawy was a religious superstar in the Arab and Muslim world. He had a unique, eccentric, and very charismatic style of preaching
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January 7, 2023 | by Coffee Brief

Why are tensions sky-high between Morocco and Algeria?

Algeria’s President told Le Figaro: “with Morocco, it was either war or cut ties”. Let’s talk about why there is so much
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January 5, 2023 | by Coffee Brief

What is driving the UAE-Assad embrace?

UAE want to host Assad and Erdogan’s ‘reconciliation’ meeting in Abu Dhabi. But that is not the only reason UAE’s Foreign Minister
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January 4, 2023 | by Coffee Brief

Qatar and UAE are supposedly reconciled. So why ‘Qatargate’?

Let’s talk about why Doha and Abu Dhabi are still swinging at each other in Europe and beyond despite officially ‘reconciling’.
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January 1, 2023 | by Coffee Brief

Why is the transition in Sudan taking so long?

Bashir’s regime fell in 2019. It is 2023 and there is still no agreement over elections. Let’s talk about why.
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December 25, 2022 | by Coffee Brief

So why did Saudi Arabia’s MBS still lavishly host China’s Xi?

Biden gave him immunity from prosecution in the US, and visited him in Jeddah to end his ‘pariah’ status. Let’s talk about
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December 23, 2022 | by Coffee Brief

Why is the UAE-Saudi rift becoming more public?

UAE’s Bin Zayed refuses to attend GCC-China summit in Riyadh, and UAE commentators lament the behaviour of ‘the donkey’. Let’s talk about
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December 6, 2022 | by Coffee Brief

Tunisia is about to get IMF loan. Why is Saied not happy?

Saied is desperate for financial assistance. Let’s talk about why Saied is unhappy with the IMF negotiations.
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November 17, 2022 | by Coffee Brief

Why does the reconciliation between Egypt and Turkey keep stalling?

Turkey has made a number of concessions in a bid to reconcile with Egypt. Yet, the process remains sluggish and was halted
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