Kamal Ltaief, Tunisia’s most powerful ‘powerbroker’, is arrested by Saied

For ordinary Tunisians, there are few things that are “braver” in Tunisian politics than going after Kamal Ltaief. Saied has no legal grounds to arrest Ltaief. However, he is well aware that in doing so, there will be large sections of the Tunisian population who will be surprised that Saied has gone “where no one dared to go before him” and may well temper criticism of Saied from his supporters of having achieved “nothing” for them since seizing power for himself.

Netanyahu is a real dilemma for Biden

US is not against Israel seizing and annexing more lands in the West Bank. Support for this is ‘ironclad’. The problem is the crude, blunt, PR-less manner Netanyahu is going about it which is causing discomfort amidst changing public perceptions at home of US and EU support.

TikTokkers arrested in Jeddah, then released

A Saudi female TikToker and two friends danced in a street in Jeddah and uploaded the video. They were arrested for public indecency, but released. Let’s talk about how this aligns with the giant raves and ‘opening up’ of Vision 2030.