Dependency is at the heart of African insecurity

David Emeka Ogbogu Sub-Saharan Africa

Although the African Union has something of collective ‘force’, African security has been inexorably bound to external intervention that in many cases has left a state of greater instability and insecurity among states which even after such interventions, continue to struggle with the very internal conflicts it sought to contain.

A community that looks after itself – in Tanzania

Mohamed Jawad Sub-Saharan Africa

On my recent travels to East Africa I was invited to a small town just outside Dar Es Salam by the name of Kibaha. I went to aid in the setting up of an extension of a hospital. I would never look back and it has changed my whole outlook on how a charity and society should be run and …

We must not abandon Tunisia

Nora Hamdi Discussion, Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Tunisia, World Politics

Tunisia is of vital importance to the democratic principles that we all hold dear. It is the only country from the Arab Spring that has successfully seen a transition from dictatorship to a true democracy through free and fair elections. The country now sees genuine political debate and discussion, and the plurality of political parties is reminiscent of the freedom we enjoy in Europe. As a result, this country should be supported with all we have to offer…

Muhammad Buhari: Where Now for Nigeria?

Ahmed Ghoneim Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa, World Politics

Capitalizing on his image as an ‘incorruptible’ leader, ex-general Muhammadu Buhari was the first Nigerian to defeat a sitting president through the ballot box.  Buhari’s landslide victory by nearly 2.5 million votes means that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that has been ruling Nigeria since the imposition of civilian rule in 1999 will now have to take the back seat as …

Why Liberia’s Natural Resource Curse is More Dangerous than Ebola

Ismail Qaiyim Liberia, Sub-Saharan Africa

As the world monitored the deadly Ebola disease in Liberia with heart wrenching concern amidst daily coverage, underlying conditions that entrench Liberia in a deathly cycle of poverty remain detached from the public narrative. A newly released report on the political economy of the mining sector reveals that Liberia’s heavily militarized extractive industry earns too little from its iron ore …

The Battle of Adwa that shook Africa

OmarZ Sub-Saharan Africa

The 1st of March, 2015, was the 119th anniversary of the Battle of Adwa in which the Ethiopian Empire defeated the Kingdom of Italy. Not only did this battle secure Ethiopia’s sovereignty but ensured its unique status of being the only African nation not to be colonised following the ‘Scramble for Africa’. The victory at Adwa which resulted in Ethiopia’s …