An End to the Confusion Faced by Muslims Visiting Japan

Op Ed Asia

The Advisory Board of the Halal Expo Japan 2016, organised by Halal Media Japan, has announced a ‘Muslim-Friendly Certificate’, which will recommend standards for food and beverage enterprises in Japan to accomodate a growing number of Muslim tourists. The announcement comes as plans commence to establish a ‘Japan Muslim Council’ in April next year. Toshiao Endo, the director of the 500-member Japan …

Sino-Japanese Relations: Is the Door Creaking Open?

Sami Hamdi Asia, Japan

Japan has announced that its foreign minister, Fumio Kishida, will be visiting China; the first visit by a senior foreign policy official in nearly five years. At a time of increased tensions between the two nations over the Senkaku islets and Diaoyu Islands, as well as Chinese ‘expansionist’ policies and Japan’s security bill permitting it to use preemptive force, the …

I am unable to congratulate Aung Suu Kyi on her victory

Sami Hamdi Asia

I was once a fan of Aung Suu Kyi. She was a human rights hero under house arrest by a dictatorial regime. She was released and the world celebrated. She needs no introduction. An inspiration to men and women alike and a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Aung Suu Kyi was a model for all aspiring human rights activists. She demonstrated …

The Great Unwinding

Nakash Khan Asia, Opinion

For the past two decades we have seen unprecedented growth in demand for consumer items and housing with large emerging economies like China playing a focal point in the supply to global consumers. But what happens next when the predominantly western aging consumers decide to reduce their spendthrift habits? Western consumption is waning as is China’s ability to satisfy demand …

President Park’s Pardon Problem

Insights Asia, Economy, Korean Peninsula

The inclusion of Chey Tae-Won has been criticised as a violation of President Park’s promise to root out corruption, a reference to previous administrations believed to have delivered pardons to senior imprisoned figures of corporations as a reward for support during the then-president’s campaign. However to perceive President Park’s pardon of the SK Corporation chief as on par with these previous pardons is unfair.

Toshiba: The false marriage between Japanese and corporate culture

Yousef Hamdi Asia

Despite the dizzying heights of the skyscrapers and state-of-the-art technology at every turn that suggest a wholehearted embracing of modernity, Japan is a country that keeps traditional values at its core. From a young age children are reminded to always ‘think about how your actions affect others before acting.’ It is for this reason that a person can drop a money laden wallet on the street and have it turn up at a police station within the hour. Yet there are other parts to these ‘traditional values’ that have contributed to the country’s ‘dark side.’

Pray for Bangkok

Nora Hamdi Asia

On Monday the 17th of August, a devastating bomb ripped through the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, killing 20 people. Nine of these were foreigners, from countries including the UK, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha described the incident as the “worst-ever” attack on Thailand. This is not the sole act of terrorism the country has seen this …

The Soul of Asia in the Heart of London

Ariz Baig Asia, Culture and Arts, Korean Peninsula

It is often said that London, as a city, embraces cultures like fishes embrace water. On a bright and sunny Sunday, August 9th 2015, no other metaphor can better describe the London Korean Festival. Taking place in the iconic surroundings of Trafalgar Square, London welcomed Korea’s biggest ever culture day festival. Presented by the Korean Culture Centre UK, Korea Tourism …