It’s Not Just Russia That Hacks Elections

On the 10th of December, the CIA announced its its report stating that it was “highly likely” that Russia had covertly influenced the U.S. elections in favour of Donald Trump. However, what is remarkably absent from the condemnation of Russia within the West, is any reference to the fact that the US has itself influenced elections abroad, overthrown governments it …

‘Mercenaries’ are the preferred option – even for the US

The ‘war on terror’ has given rise to ‘remote control’ warfare where ‘lite’ warfare is viewed as a more effective counter-terrorism strategy than conventional forces. Increasingly private military and security companies have been commissioned with the responsibility for solving security problems in conflict areas. Private military and security companies, known as PMSCs, are private businesses that provide services in conflict …

Muhammad Ali: The Man from the Myth

…the nature of adulation in America reinforces ideas inherent to a highly individualistic consumer society. However, beneath even this subtext, lies the stark reality that the stuff Muhammad Ali was made of was and still is repulsive to the modern political order of the world, an order still strewn in a deeply American shadow.

An Uber Corrupt State of Affairs

I have been visiting the Mid-West since I was a teen and suffice to say that I have had many memorable experiences here. But until my most recent trip last month, I had never really not contemplated the level of corruption and injustice prevailing in this supposed beacon of the free world. The dirt reaches right to the top and …

A ‘Drumpfodian’ Global Order: Imagining a World with Donald Trump as US President

  If you are wondering whether the title of this piece has been misspelt; we assure you it is not. As the renowned comedian John Oliver correctly asserted in his late night TV show Last Week Tonight, Donald Trump’s real name is actually Donald Drumpf. ‘Drumpf’ is the ancestral name of the GOP candidate whose chances of winning the Republican …

TTIP is about US hegemony. No more, no less.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), which includes China–the world’s second largest economy–are all noticeably absent from these FTAs. Many of the BRICS countries favor state-led industrialization, as opposed to the neoclassical economic orthodoxy of private sector-led growth and selective austerity favored by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The United States is the only country that appears in both the TPP and TTIP, a likely indicator that American private and public interests are driving these two agreements forward.

Baltimore and the Economics of Violence

Baltimore is a city colored by the ripples of the economic ‘race to the bottom’ which defined the last quarter of the 20th century. As cheap labor and ‘heavy strings attached’ Foreign Direct Investment turned several Late Developing Countries into hubs for the transfer of working and middle class American jobs, densely populated urban centers, like the one where Freddie Gray was arrested, were turned into zones of desolation.