Saudi’s ‘Night Of Long Knives’ Makes Sense

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Put yourself in Mohamed Bin Salman’s shoes. You want to be king. You survived the nerve-racking succession struggle instigated by Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah of the National Guard in the last days of his father King Abdullah as he sought to oust your father and install himself as Crown Prince. You saw the way he easily removed the veteran Prince …

Tunisia’s Agriculture Continues to Struggle

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Although globalization is generally considered a good thing, it has proven to be a difficult challenge for Tunisia. The impact of globalization has seen Tunisia ‘suffer’ from a process of structural economic reforms and liberalization after decades of a more state-heavy socialist economic model. One of the most affected industries is agriculture which accounts for 16% of the country’s workforce. …

World Islamic Banking Conference announces record 24th edition in strategic partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain 

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  The 24th edition of WIBC, also the world’s longest running Islamic banking conference, is set to return to Bahrain this December, and will take stock of the most pressing issues affecting the global financial landscape. Amwaj Islands, Kingdom of Bahrain, 23 October 2017: Middle East Global Advisors, a leading financial intelligence platform facilitating the development of knowledge-based economies in the …

The War in Yemen: When will it end?

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The Houthis believe that as long as they continue to hold Sanaa and international blame and condemnation for the humanitarian crisis continues to be directed at Saudi as opposed to their spectacular coup, then it is merely a matter of time before Riyadh are forced to the negotiating table on their terms.

Global Ethical Finance Forum 2017: What we learnt

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  2nd Global Ethical Finance Forum captures critical insights from 300+ ethical finance leaders who converged with the aim of mainstreaming ethical finance Under the patronage of the Scottish Government and supported by the UK Government, the 2nd edition of GEFF witnessed critical insights from industry leaders, high-impact networking opportunities and supreme thought leadership unfold across two-power packed days. Edinburgh, …

Tunisia: A Success Story?

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By Malek Hamdi – Sidi Bouzid Experts and analysts generally tend to consider Tunisia a success within the context of the Arab Spring. Perhaps when compared to Libya and Syria which continue to suffer bitter civil wars, and Egypt where some military general rules after having overthrown an elected President, Tunisia does appear to have fared far better. However, such crude …

Why Libya Needs Italy

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By Gesu Antonio Baez Twitter @JesusABaez   French Africa. British Africa. Even German Africa from times to time. The legacy of the colonial powers from the Berlin Conference in 1885 still haunts discussions around the African continent to this day, in particular concerning current relations between former colonial powers and former colonies. But Italian Africa? This is rarely in the …

Mohamed Bin Salman is not Washington’s choice

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Mohamed Bin Salman (also known as ‘MBS’) secured another milestone in his meteoric rise by successfully engineering his appointment as Crown Prince, removing one of the last bastions of power that stood in his quest to become King. In incredible circumstances, Saudi Arabia announced that the once powerful Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Nayef would step down in favour of his …