Russia struggles to re-align foreign policy following Iran Deal

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It is well documented the role Russia and Iran respectively played in protecting the Syrian regime diplomatically and militarily. Russia used its veto to great effect, contributing to the slow international response to the Syrian crisis. For Russia, the matter was clear; NATO is not welcome on Russian borders and the US must not be allowed to install an ally …

Iran Deal: What happens now in the region?

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After tense, lengthy negotiations, the P5+1 and Iran penned the long awaited nuclear deal that will see sanctions lifted and the Iranian nuclear programme reined in to lengthen the time Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon. However given the ongoing situation in the region; notably Iran’s support for rampant militias in Iraq; a brutal regime in Syria that has plunged the country into a bloody civil war; and Hezbollah in Lebanon which has effectively prevented the appointment of a President for over a year and half, the concessions granted to Iran are nothing short of incredible.