UK air strikes, Syrian rivers of blood, and no dam in sight

Sami Hamdi UK

The government has passed the motion permitting air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria by 397 to 223. The UK will join the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other nations already involved in Syria. The Prime Minister David Cameron delivered his argument as one of two choices; attack or wait to be attacked, a far cry from …

Budget 2015: Osborne delivers blow to the Youth

Nora Hamdi featured, UK

These reforms are not “progressive”, rather they symbolise regression and endanger our national pride; the welfare state. Our soaring education prices and gradual diminution of benefits does not alleviate the feeling of dread growing in many. What further accentuates this is the feeling of being stuck. It is difficult to endure these changes without being able to look forward to the next election, hoping our country will vote differently…

British politics will never be the same

Sami Hamdi UK

In the build up to the election all of the polls indicated that Labour and Conservatives were neck-and-neck. Media coverage centred on who the Conservatives or Labour were likely to enter into a coalition with. No one predicted the astonishing victory for Cameron, the heavy defeat for Miliband, and utter annihilation of the Liberal Democrats. So why did the elections turn out the way they did?

The SNP double whammy which destroyed the centre-left

IbrahimAdaci UK

…except the SNP surge did not stop at wiping out Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Scotland. It gave David Cameron the perfect weapon to crush them both South of the border. The politics of fear may not be the most honourable or truthful way of securing votes but if it can be both sufficiently terrifying and somewhat believable while it remains the most devastating tool available to the parties of the establishment.

Elections 2015: What have the parties promised the youth?

Soumaya Hamdi Economy, UK

With the General Election on the horizon and no party expected to win a majority, it appears that like five years ago, the UK will have a hung parliament after 7th May. Support for Labour and the Conservatives now appears to be neck and neck, with a ComRes poll published on 2nd May showing each party with 33% of the public’s prospective …

Osborne’s Stamp Duty Reform Explained

Soumaya Hamdi Economy, Legal, UK

On Wednesday, George Osborne went some way towards attempting to boost the chances of a Tory electoral victory by announcing changes to the stamp duty system, which he claims will benefit 98% of house buyers. The change sees a move away from the ‘slab’ system of stamp duty charges to a gradual system similar to how income tax is levied, …