Cameron’s EU dilemma

Op Ed UK

By Simon Jennings Recently, David Cameron formally announced his plans to renegotiate Britain’s position within the European Union ahead of the intended referendum. In short, Cameron’s demands focus around four key areas: economic governance, competitiveness, sovereignty and immigration. Provided these conditions are met, the Prime Minister’s stated aim is to campaign “heart and soul” to keep Britain within the European Union. …

English Votes for English Laws: The new threat to our Union

Michael Drewett UK

EVEL is clearly flawed, and no other proposal seems viable. Surely, though, it’s better for the government to make an attempt to solve the West Lothian Question than just accept the status quo? Not really. The problem is that any attempt to answer the Question, much like trying to defuse a bomb, carries the risk of bringing about what you’re trying to prevent. In the case of the West Lothian Question, this is the break-up of the Union between England and Scotland.

Cameron’s Great Escape

Yousef Teclab Discussion, United Kingdom

As the dust settles after a night and day of high drama David Cameron has the seats required to form a Conservative majority government. It certainly has been an unpredictable 24 hours. The results have been drastically different to the countless polls which put the Conservatives and Labour neck at neck. So what happened?

British politics is boring – and that is dangerous

Sami Hamdi Discussion, UK

With only just about two thirds of eligible voters actually voting in the 2001, 2005 and 2010 general elections (59.4%, 61.3%, 65.0% respectively) as well as a lack of genuine public interest in the politics, policies, and characters of the protagonists in our political system, it begs the question as to whether the real problem with politics is not the …