UK air strikes, Syrian rivers of blood, and no dam in sight

Sami Hamdi UK

The government has passed the motion permitting air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria by 397 to 223. The UK will join the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other nations already involved in Syria. The Prime Minister David Cameron delivered his argument as one of two choices; attack or wait to be attacked, a far cry from …

The UK has nothing to contribute via air strikes. Here’s why.

Sami Hamdi UK

Behind the bravado, the exaggerated Andrew Neil-esque eulogies, the inferiority complex that cries out for the need for the UK to be a major global power, and the ambitions of a Prime Minister fearful that his premiership will go down as a relative unknown in history, the reality is that there is no plan, nor an understanding of the complexities in combating not just ISIS but resolving the crisis in Syria.

The Shadow Cabinet: How significant is it?

Op Ed UK

Before the extraordinary political summer of 2015 and the birth of New Politics, if one notion was as inconceivable as Jeremy Corbyn becoming Leader of the Labour Party, it was having John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Asked whether he “supported” the appointment, Hilary Benn, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, replied that McDonnell “is the choice Jeremy has made”. It was a pointed …