Why Liberals Are Not Taken Seriously On Erdogan

Selim Yaman #TheOtherNarrative

Turkey’s referendum caught sweeping international media attention. However, despite the extensive anti-Erdogan rhetoric, Turkish citizens voted to change their system to a Presidential one.   While many liberals lamented this development, the referendum spoke volumes as to the disconnect between mainstream liberal media and wider public opinion in Turkey.   Below is a hypothetical guide which Liberals appear to follow …

Russian Ambassador killed in Ankara: The implications

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa

In an extraordinary development, the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov, has  been shot dead whilst giving a speech at an art gallery. The shooter is reported to have shouted “this is for Aleppo”. The shooting comes as tensions simmer between Turkey and Russia over events in Syria, with President Erdogan having to perform a tactical ‘retreat’ earlier this year …

The Remiss Fondness of Western Mainstream Media for Fethullah Gulen

Deniz Baran Middle East/North Africa, Turkey

The coup attempt Turkey faced on 15th July 2016 had repercussions both domestically and internationally. One of the bizarre things to arise out of the coup attempt was the subjective approach and coverage of Western mainstream media. I allude to this point in my previous article . In this article however, I am specifically analysing the level of involvement Gulenists …

Erdogan the latest addition to a growing list of disillusioned US allies

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Turkey

Erdogan’s visit to Russia has drawn much debate and discussion, centering around whether it is a humbling realisation of the realities of the region after years of the former’s bravado over Syria and shooting down a Russian jet, or a political ploy to put pressure on the US following the attempted coup. Rarely are these matters black and white, and …

Why is it taking so long to solve the Syria crisis?

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa

Millions of refugees, a whole host of rebel movements, constant ‘negotiations’ and regular flights to Geneva. And despite a universally recognised humanitarian crisis, the Syrian conflict appears no closer to a solution. Why? The answer is actually quite complex and requires apportioning the blame to a number of parties, including the opposition. Let’s begin there: The opposition The Syrian opposition …

Turkey shoots down a Russian jet

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Russia, Turkey

This morning, news broke of Turkish forces bringing down a jet which had reportedly violated Turkish air space. After a few hours, Putin confirmed that it was indeed a Russian jet and stated that the act was a ‘stab in the back’ by ‘accomplices of terror’. Putin claims that the jet never strayed from Syrian air space from which it …

AKP storm to victory. And that is good news for the Middle East.

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Turkey

Against all odds, the AKP today secured a stunning comeback to secure just about 50% of the votes translating to approximately 316 seats and a majority victory. The result restores the AKP majority meaning that they will not need to form a coalition. The HDP, the party that delivered the initial blow to the AKP that resulted in these early …

It was the Kurds that destroyed the AKP majority, not Erdogan’s plans for change

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Turkey, World Politics

Such disillusionment became clear following the battle that raged in Kobane which was seen as tactless political maneuvering by Erdogan who sought to capitalize on the leadership struggle within the Kurdish ranks, by inviting Masoud Barzani and the Peshmerga of Iraq to save the town so as to damage Abdullah Ocalan’s standing amongst the Kurdish community. The result of this was that the HDP found resonance amongst the Kurdish community when it declared that Erdogan was self-interested and seeking only to preserve his own power. Such rhetoric that would not have succeeded in 2011 mobilized large sections of the Kurds to rally around Demirtas who has come to embody Kurdish hopes of a successful resolution to the peace process.