Yes, ‘migrants’ are human- why are media outlets only discussing this now?

Soumaya Hamdi Western Europe

In April already 1, 700 men, women and children had died crossing the Mediterranean in the hope of starting a better life. The death toll has now reached 2, 500. Why is it then that only the mainstream media outlets are discussing the human angle of being one of those desperate enough to undertake this perilous journey?

Britain’s failing asylum system

Noura Abughris UK

In a ruling described as a major victory by campaign groups and charities, the High Court on 26 June decided to suspend the notorious Detained Fast Track (DFT) system in the UK, which has plagued asylum seekers since its introduction in 2000. The DFT is a system whereby over 30 to 40 asylum cases are processed per week. It is …

Migrants are human. We in the UK need to learn that.

Soumaya Hamdi Europe, UK, Western Europe

The migrant saga has exposed a glaring hypocrisy amongst us Europeans, particularly here in the UK. For whilst our leaders revel in our international role in promoting democracy, human rights and good governance, we are unable to accept that doing so has in many instances created instability and sown the seeds for internal warfare…