Why Libya Needs Italy

Sami Hamdi Europe

By Gesu Antonio Baez Twitter @JesusABaez   French Africa. British Africa. Even German Africa from times to time. The legacy of the colonial powers from the Berlin Conference in 1885 still haunts discussions around the African continent to this day, in particular concerning current relations between former colonial powers and former colonies. But Italian Africa? This is rarely in the …

US versus Russia in Libya: Good versus Evil?

David Emeka Ogbogu Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

The reality of our world today is that it is essentially divided into spheres of influence; not between countries, but between America‚Äôs dispatched military assets in the form of permanent air, naval and military bases. These spheres are commonly referred to as: USSOUTHCOM; Western Hemisphere (south America and the Caribbean), USCENTCOM; Middle East, USAFRICOM; Africa, USPACOM Pacific Ocean & Asia, …

Yes, ‘migrants’ are human- why are media outlets only discussing this now?

Soumaya Hamdi Western Europe

In April already 1, 700 men, women and children had died crossing the Mediterranean in the hope of starting a better life. The death toll has now reached 2, 500. Why is it then that only the mainstream media outlets are discussing the human angle of being one of those desperate enough to undertake this perilous journey?

As Britons leave Tunisia, where does the Mediterranean state go from here?

IIPodcast Middle East/North Africa, Tunisia

The International Interest interviews Fadil Aliriza, Visiting Fellow at the Legatum Institute. Fadil discusses the potential causes behind the rise of extremism in Tunisia, the effects of the Libyan civil war on Tunisian society, as well as the consequences for Tunisia following the Sousse attacks which claimed the lives of 38 tourists. Length: 10 minutes 33 seconds Fadil Aliriza is …

We must not abandon Tunisia

Nora Hamdi Discussion, Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Tunisia, World Politics

Tunisia is of vital importance to the democratic principles that we all hold dear. It is the only country from the Arab Spring that has successfully seen a transition from dictatorship to a true democracy through free and fair elections. The country now sees genuine political debate and discussion, and the plurality of political parties is reminiscent of the freedom we enjoy in Europe. As a result, this country should be supported with all we have to offer…

Migrants are human. We in the UK need to learn that.

Soumaya Hamdi Europe, UK, Western Europe

The migrant saga has exposed a glaring hypocrisy amongst us Europeans, particularly here in the UK. For whilst our leaders revel in our international role in promoting democracy, human rights and good governance, we are unable to accept that doing so has in many instances created instability and sown the seeds for internal warfare…

Egypt bombs militants loyal to ISIL in Libya following beheadings video

Sami Hamdi Egypt, Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

Egypt has announced that it has bombed militants who have pledged loyalty to ISIL following a video that was posted on the twitter feed of a website that supports ISIL purporting to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed the nation on state television hours after the release of the video condemning the killings and …