Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is a result of a golden opportunity

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa

The Middle East peace process has been the bane of many US presidents. Each comes in with their own ‘unique’ approach, navigating the lobbying of AIPAC, Israel’s constant tantrums, the relentless fervour of Hamas, and the inconsistency of Fatah. The problem in and of itself is not complex. Israel is an occupying force on Palestinian territory. What complicates the issue …

What prevents a Turkey-Saudi alliance?

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa

It makes sense. Both wanted Assad out. Both committed funds, military training and logistics to the various armed movements that sprung from the Syrian revolution to topple the government. Both hosted Syrian opposition parties and both publicly denounced Assad and lobbied the West for greater support for the Syrian revolution. Both are sensitive to Iran and have the power to …

What They Don’t Tell You About Sanctions

Gesu Antonio Baez #TheOtherNarrative

By Gesu Antonio Baez Twitter: @JesusABaez Early this year, Former US President Obama (in one of his final moves as president) signed an executive order to lift economic sanctions against the East African state of Sudan, in efforts to resume economic activity between the two countries which has been blocked for more than two decades. The Arab League and Sudanese …

US versus Russia in Libya: Good versus Evil?

David Emeka Ogbogu Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

The reality of our world today is that it is essentially divided into spheres of influence; not between countries, but between America’s dispatched military assets in the form of permanent air, naval and military bases. These spheres are commonly referred to as: USSOUTHCOM; Western Hemisphere (south America and the Caribbean), USCENTCOM; Middle East, USAFRICOM; Africa, USPACOM Pacific Ocean & Asia, …

Disruptive Technologies Could be Savior Oil Industry Seeks as it Contends with Low Prices

Op Ed Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies, which are grappling with an intense battle for customers amid a supply glut and stressed prices, are increasingly looking for ways to improve efficiency and reliability of their assets to gain a competitive edge. One area of rising investment is in the confluence of technology that allows greater communication and integration of different devices and sensors, …

In-Depth: how the response to the Paris attacks made ISIS stronger

Ismail Qaiyim Opinion, Western Europe

Painting a picture with a bloodstained brush intended to cloud and distort all inkling of mutual understanding is the business of information manipulation. The self-described Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are not only masters of disseminating distorted messages through turning vulnerable participants into electronic proxies, but also by using human suffering to paint a particular narrative. The …

Yes, ‘migrants’ are human- why are media outlets only discussing this now?

Soumaya Hamdi Western Europe

In April already 1, 700 men, women and children had died crossing the Mediterranean in the hope of starting a better life. The death toll has now reached 2, 500. Why is it then that only the mainstream media outlets are discussing the human angle of being one of those desperate enough to undertake this perilous journey?