Donald Trump was able to do for white Americans what Obama did for black Americans  

Ismail Qaiyim Opinion, US

In 2008 the country was on the verge of a revolution. The Bush administration had prolonged the war in Iraq and America’s global standing was at an all-time low. A man who in all likeness was the complete foil of the Bush administration appeared. Barack Obama was seen as the symbol of hope for a wayward and war-weary America.  Black …

An impossible Gulf: Obama and Saudi Arabia

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Saudi Arabia

Obama arrived in the Riyadh yesterday on the backdrop of a proposed Congress bill that leaves the potential for citizens to sue the Kingdom over 9/11, and a subsequent Saudi threat to withdraw $750 billion from the US. But this is not the key issue behind Obama’s visit. Rather the above is merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. …

Now that the vote is over, how will UK air strikes alter the Syria scene?

Sami Hamdi UK

As UK warplanes bombard ISIS positions, the aim is to place greater pressure on the terrorist organisation and limit their capabilities within Syria and abroad. With the UK joining the US, Russia, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Australia and others in the fight against ISIS, how has it changed the dynamics in Syria? Here we assess what UK …

Russia struggles to re-align foreign policy following Iran Deal

Sami Hamdi Russia

It is well documented the role Russia and Iran respectively played in protecting the Syrian regime diplomatically and militarily. Russia used its veto to great effect, contributing to the slow international response to the Syrian crisis. For Russia, the matter was clear; NATO is not welcome on Russian borders and the US must not be allowed to install an ally …

Iran Deal: What happens now in the region?

Sami Hamdi Iran, Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

After tense, lengthy negotiations, the P5+1 and Iran penned the long awaited nuclear deal that will see sanctions lifted and the Iranian nuclear programme reined in to lengthen the time Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon. However given the ongoing situation in the region; notably Iran’s support for rampant militias in Iraq; a brutal regime in Syria that has plunged the country into a bloody civil war; and Hezbollah in Lebanon which has effectively prevented the appointment of a President for over a year and half, the concessions granted to Iran are nothing short of incredible.

Hadi does not possess the strength to oust Houthi, and Obama knows this

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Yemen

The stage is set; Houthi backed by Iran in the north, and Hadi in Aden backed by the international community. Many have rushed to claim that the idea that Iran will continue to support Houthi despite international pressure and recognition of Hadi in Aden in its bid to place greater pressure on Saudi Arabia is fanciful at best. These critics …

Editor’s Piece: ISIL thrives as the West blunders

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

ISIL’s explosive rise has upended the political status quo in the Middle East. Despite international efforts to contain and defeat the group, ISIL appears to be in solid control of its territory, demonstrating a daring and unprecedented financial self-efficiency not seen in other terrorist groups – even trading in oil with Mosul as its capital. More so, ISIL has demonstrated …

Trauma and Denial: Michael Brown and the American Psychosis

Ismail Qaiyim US, World Politics

America is experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Much like the battle-wounded that struggles to cope with the heart wrenching realities of war, American society falls into bouts of depression and rage. From the race riots of the depression era to the social unrest following the deaths of civil rights era figures, race in America is inherently linked to instability. …

Editor’s Piece: Obama’s Iraqi gamble

Sami Hamdi Iran, Iraq, Middle East/North Africa

On Monday 21st October, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi succeeded in forming a complete government after a delay of over one month as a result of disagreements over appointments to the Defence and Interior ministries. Mohammed Salem Ghabban was appointed as Interior minister whilst Khaled al-Obeidi was given the post of Defence Minister. These two ministries were previously the subject of …