An impossible Gulf: Obama and Saudi Arabia

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa, Saudi Arabia

Obama arrived in the Riyadh yesterday on the backdrop of a proposed Congress bill that leaves the potential for citizens to sue the Kingdom over 9/11, and a subsequent Saudi threat to withdraw $750 billion from the US. But this is not the key issue behind Obama’s visit. Rather the above is merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. …

Africa’s Soaring Demand for Energy Creates Oil Storage Opportunities for Investors


Africa’s annual appetite for gasoil and gasoline is expected to climb by as much as 8%, while demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has hit double digits. The continent’s growing home-grown energy supply will help satisfy some of the burgeoning demand. Africa produced 8.2m b/d of crude last year – 76% came from Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt and Angola, according to …

Disruptive Technologies Could be Savior Oil Industry Seeks as it Contends with Low Prices

Op Ed Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies, which are grappling with an intense battle for customers amid a supply glut and stressed prices, are increasingly looking for ways to improve efficiency and reliability of their assets to gain a competitive edge. One area of rising investment is in the confluence of technology that allows greater communication and integration of different devices and sensors, …

OPEC Producers Shouldn’t Panic Yet About Slowdown in China

Op Ed Oil and Gas

Concerns that the slowdown in China’s economic growth will curb Asia’s energy demand from the Middle East and beyond could be premature. Yes, any hint of weakness in the world’s largest net importer of crude and its second largest economy rings alarm bells in OPEC capitals and in boardrooms across the globe. India and Southeast Asian economies are also flourishing …

Iran to Try Attract International Oil Companies Back with New Petroleum Contract

Op Ed Oil and Gas

The need for Iran to invest in its oil and gas sector to maintain and boost output is obvious. In a bid to create an environment more conducive to attracting foreign investment, the oil ministry has started working on a new contract model for international companies seeking to become involved in domestic oil field developments which will be unveiled in …

Iran Deal: What happens now in the region?

Sami Hamdi Iran, Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

After tense, lengthy negotiations, the P5+1 and Iran penned the long awaited nuclear deal that will see sanctions lifted and the Iranian nuclear programme reined in to lengthen the time Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon. However given the ongoing situation in the region; notably Iran’s support for rampant militias in Iraq; a brutal regime in Syria that has plunged the country into a bloody civil war; and Hezbollah in Lebanon which has effectively prevented the appointment of a President for over a year and half, the concessions granted to Iran are nothing short of incredible.

Muhammad Buhari: Where Now for Nigeria?

Ahmed Ghoneim Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa, World Politics

Capitalizing on his image as an ‘incorruptible’ leader, ex-general Muhammadu Buhari was the first Nigerian to defeat a sitting president through the ballot box.  Buhari’s landslide victory by nearly 2.5 million votes means that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that has been ruling Nigeria since the imposition of civilian rule in 1999 will now have to take the back seat as …

Iraq’s instability makes for huge oil profits for all – including ISIL

Sami Hamdi Iraq, Middle East/North Africa

Since the declaration of the war on terror by George W. Bush following the horrific events of September the 11th, subsequent events such as the invasion of Iraq, the meteoric rise of Iranian influence, the Arab Spring, as well as the brutal crackdown on dissent in Syria have created the perfect haven for the thriving of terrorist groups such as …