‘Rapefugees’ and the Bewildered Herd

David Emeka Ogbogu Europe

“The Negroes are coming, hide your daughter, the Jews are coming hide your gold, the polish are coming; there taking our jobs… good lord the Chinese are rising too!” Do not fall prey to emotionally charged slurs, history is filled with enough instances of this which has not only tainted innocent victims, but, when logic prevailed, shamed and humiliated those …

Christian and Muslim Values: Just how far apart are they?

Sami Hamdi Culture and Arts

A lot can be said about ‘values’; ‘British’ values, ‘Christian’ values, ‘their’ values. The context in which the whole term has been thrown about has nearly always been ‘us’ versus ‘them’. So how different are Syrian refugees, who are predominantly Muslim, from Christians? Let’s make it simpler. How different are the values of Islam from Christianity? One event in history …

Student solidarity across borders: Students, universities and refugee crises past and present

Op Ed UK

By Dr Georgina Brewis, Senior Lecturer in the History of Education at UCL Institute of Education, University College London. The summer of 2015 has seen an unprecedented number of refugees fleeing from Syria to Europe, with many citizen-led initiatives filling the vacuum where government support has been found wanting. At the forefront of these volunteers have been student groups who, …

Yes, I ‘get’ the Charlie Hebdo ‘joke’ about Aylan. And it’s repulsive

Nabila Ramdani Western Europe

Think of some famous dead children, and then try to work out who might use their suffering to raise a satirical smile. For the sake of argument, make one a Jew, one a Christian, and one a Muslim. Nazi sympathizers and other anti-Semites might well suggest Anne Frank, the Dutch Holocaust victim who, aged 15, succumbed to severe illness in …

Yes, ‘migrants’ are human- why are media outlets only discussing this now?

Soumaya Hamdi Western Europe

In April already 1, 700 men, women and children had died crossing the Mediterranean in the hope of starting a better life. The death toll has now reached 2, 500. Why is it then that only the mainstream media outlets are discussing the human angle of being one of those desperate enough to undertake this perilous journey?