US versus Russia in Libya: Good versus Evil?

David Emeka Ogbogu Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

The reality of our world today is that it is essentially divided into spheres of influence; not between countries, but between America’s dispatched military assets in the form of permanent air, naval and military bases. These spheres are commonly referred to as: USSOUTHCOM; Western Hemisphere (south America and the Caribbean), USCENTCOM; Middle East, USAFRICOM; Africa, USPACOM Pacific Ocean & Asia, …

It’s Not Just Russia That Hacks Elections

David Emeka Ogbogu US

On the 10th of December, the CIA announced its its report stating that it was “highly likely” that Russia had covertly influenced the U.S. elections in favour of Donald Trump. However, what is remarkably absent from the condemnation of Russia within the West, is any reference to the fact that the US has itself influenced elections abroad, overthrown governments it …

Castro is dead and the Human Rights Pantomime lives on

David Emeka Ogbogu US

Since the death of Castro world leaders, state officials and media outlets poured scorn over the thought of attending his funeral. Simultaneously, many Western countries have suddenly decided to champion the cause of upholding human rights. Albeit, this topic article is centred on Fidel, the recent torrent of critique levelled at the former Cuban dictator reveals yet again the artful …

Donald Trump was able to do for white Americans what Obama did for black Americans  

Ismail Qaiyim Opinion, US

In 2008 the country was on the verge of a revolution. The Bush administration had prolonged the war in Iraq and America’s global standing was at an all-time low. A man who in all likeness was the complete foil of the Bush administration appeared. Barack Obama was seen as the symbol of hope for a wayward and war-weary America.  Black …

‘Mercenaries’ are the preferred option – even for the US

Fjona Krasniqi Iraq, Middle East/North Africa, US

The ‘war on terror’ has given rise to ‘remote control’ warfare where ‘lite’ warfare is viewed as a more effective counter-terrorism strategy than conventional forces. Increasingly private military and security companies have been commissioned with the responsibility for solving security problems in conflict areas. Private military and security companies, known as PMSCs, are private businesses that provide services in conflict …

An Uber Corrupt State of Affairs

Ahmed Ghoneim US

I have been visiting the Mid-West since I was a teen and suffice to say that I have had many memorable experiences here. But until my most recent trip last month, I had never really not contemplated the level of corruption and injustice prevailing in this supposed beacon of the free world. The dirt reaches right to the top and …

A ‘Drumpfodian’ Global Order: Imagining a World with Donald Trump as US President

Ahmed Ghoneim US

  If you are wondering whether the title of this piece has been misspelt; we assure you it is not. As the renowned comedian John Oliver correctly asserted in his late night TV show Last Week Tonight, Donald Trump’s real name is actually Donald Drumpf. ‘Drumpf’ is the ancestral name of the GOP candidate whose chances of winning the Republican …

Trump cuts to the heart of White American fears

Ismail Qaiyim US

While his speeches target Mexican American immigrants, convenient scape-goats for White conservative anger, his arguments cut to the heart of the anxiety that all Americans feel. He, however, has chosen to align his gospel with the interests of the traditional base of the Republican Party while targeting politically vulnerable groups in his campaigns.

Iran Deal: What happens now in the region?

Sami Hamdi Iran, Middle East/North Africa, World Politics

After tense, lengthy negotiations, the P5+1 and Iran penned the long awaited nuclear deal that will see sanctions lifted and the Iranian nuclear programme reined in to lengthen the time Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon. However given the ongoing situation in the region; notably Iran’s support for rampant militias in Iraq; a brutal regime in Syria that has plunged the country into a bloody civil war; and Hezbollah in Lebanon which has effectively prevented the appointment of a President for over a year and half, the concessions granted to Iran are nothing short of incredible.

TTIP is about US hegemony. No more, no less.

Ismail Qaiyim US, Western Europe

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), which includes China–the world’s second largest economy–are all noticeably absent from these FTAs. Many of the BRICS countries favor state-led industrialization, as opposed to the neoclassical economic orthodoxy of private sector-led growth and selective austerity favored by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The United States is the only country that appears in both the TPP and TTIP, a likely indicator that American private and public interests are driving these two agreements forward.