Sino-Japanese Relations: Is the Door Creaking Open?

Sami Hamdi Asia, Japan

Japan has announced that its foreign minister, Fumio Kishida, will be visiting China; the first visit by a senior foreign policy official in nearly five years. At a time of increased tensions between the two nations over the Senkaku islets and Diaoyu Islands, as well as Chinese ‘expansionist’ policies and Japan’s security bill permitting it to use preemptive force, the …

OPEC Producers Shouldn’t Panic Yet About Slowdown in China

Op Ed Oil and Gas

Concerns that the slowdown in China’s economic growth will curb Asia’s energy demand from the Middle East and beyond could be premature. Yes, any hint of weakness in the world’s largest net importer of crude and its second largest economy rings alarm bells in OPEC capitals and in boardrooms across the globe. India and Southeast Asian economies are also flourishing …

The Great Unwinding

Nakash Khan Asia, Opinion

For the past two decades we have seen unprecedented growth in demand for consumer items and housing with large emerging economies like China playing a focal point in the supply to global consumers. But what happens next when the predominantly western aging consumers decide to reduce their spendthrift habits? Western consumption is waning as is China’s ability to satisfy demand …

Daud Vicary Abdullah talks China, AIIB, and the suitability of Islamic Finance in funding Mega Projects

IIPodcast ESG

Daud Vicary Abdullah, President and CEO of the International Centre for Education of Islamic Finance (also known as the Global University of Islamic Finance) discusses China, AIIB, the suitability of Islamic Finance as a means of financing mega-projects, and whether Islamic Finance is simply a niche or a genuine alternative to conventional banking.

Islamic Finance begins to find a new home in Singapore

AkhtarMohammed ESG

On June 3rd the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that it will further develop its Islamic finance capabilities, making a strong statement to markets and industry players. Deputy Manager, Jacqueline Loh, stated, “strength in conventional financing and capital markets can be adapted to meet the need of Islamic banking.” This comes off the heels of the announcement that the …

Ramadan is not a freedom shared by all… By Noura Abughris

IICulture Asia, Culture and Arts

In a move by the Chinese government to crack down on ‘religious extremism’ and maintain ‘social stability’, China has officially banned Ramadan in the Muslim majority district of Xinjiang. Civil servants, teachers and students are being banned from fasting, entering mosques or attending any form of religious activity during the Islamic holy month. The education bureau of Tarbaghatay city in the Xinjiang district has ordered schools to communicate to students that ‘during Ramadan students (should) not fast, enter mosques or attend religious activities’. Meanwhile, local restaurants are being encouraged to stay open while state run media outlets are running editorials on the health dangers of fasting.

TTIP is about US hegemony. No more, no less.

Ismail Qaiyim US, Western Europe

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), which includes China–the world’s second largest economy–are all noticeably absent from these FTAs. Many of the BRICS countries favor state-led industrialization, as opposed to the neoclassical economic orthodoxy of private sector-led growth and selective austerity favored by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The United States is the only country that appears in both the TPP and TTIP, a likely indicator that American private and public interests are driving these two agreements forward.

Opinion: Sony runs from N. Korea

Nora Hamdi Asia, Korean Peninsula

From a satellite in Space, North Korea is merely a black spot, an anomaly compared to its bright technophile neighbours China and South Korea. Often called the most dangerous place on Earth, the Stalin-like state isolates itself and its 24 million inhabitants every day, making only feeble attempts to hide its dire economic situation and extreme human rights violations. North …